Youtube to MP3


Free Online Converter is one of the largest conversion services on the net. This youtube to mp3 video converter offers you a variety of conversion options. You can convert videos to conventional formats such as MP3 or MP4, but formats such as FLV, AVI or WAV are also available. The quality of the converted videos is the best available. We try to continuously improve our service and therefore rely on little advertising in our programs. The duration of the conversion of the respective videos strongly depends on the length and size of the source file. A video conversion usually only takes a few seconds.

How do you use the Youtube to MP3 converter

  • You look for a video from one of the numerous platforms on the net and copy the video link
  • Now insert the video link on our page and press Convert
  • The conversion process starts - please wait a few moments
  • When the conversion is complete you can download your file for free

Why you should use Online Video Converter

  • There are a variety of conversion options and settings
  • Advertising is reduced to a minimum - so the user experience is significantly higher
  • Our online conversion software works on all end devices (smartphone, computer, tablet, ...)
  • Our system works very securely and we believe in privacy

One would be surprised to see that many video formats that are available today. This seems weird because they still represent the same data and they contain the same content but it’s just written and analyzed differently. The existence of many different video file formats wouldn’t even be such a problem if your device or your video player app could simply open them all. However, that is not the case with many video players so don’t be surprised if you try to open a video and it simply fails to launch with your video player. This can be a major problem and your only solution might be to simply convert the video to a format recognized by your video player.

Luckily, converting the video to a different format is a piece of cake. Today, there are many online video converters you can use to convert the problematic video to any format you want! Also, you can use these converters to change the original size of your video and make it smaller without losing on quality, simply by reducing the resolution or converting to a format known for smaller video sizes. Online video converters are the best tool for this job. They are generally free to use and offer many different format conversions. The usual steps are generally the same: you upload the video or provide a URL, choose the format and the video quality you prefer, and click the Convert button. It’s as simple as that and you’re now able to watch your video on your device!