YouTube to MP3


Even though YouTube is well-known for being the most popular video platform on the Internet, many users use it as their favorite music listening and streaming service. On top of the fact that almost all artists publish their official music videos on YouTube, you can also find unofficial videos of non-single songs from albums by many artists. This makes using YouTube for listening to music a great option. However, constant ads might make the experience a little less enjoyable. Also, if your data is limited, you should know that videos will use your mobile data more quickly. That is why converting YouTube videos to MP3 is so popular.

How YouTube Converter works

There are quite a few different youtube to mp3 converters available today but most of them work on a fairly simple idea: you open YouTube, copy the link to the video you’d like to convert, and paste the link in the relevant text field to convert the video. The video should be converted to MP3 in a while and a download link should appear. It’s a simple idea that has attracted many users. That being said, there are plenty of different YouTube to MP3 converters to choose from.

Types of YouTube to MP3 Converter

There are several criteria by which all converters can be classified. Settling on a single one to use on a regular basis is pretty much based on your own preferences. Check out the classification we have prepared that should definitely help you make your choice:

  • Browser-based or a standalone tool - A simple Google search will reveal plenty of free online websites you can use to easily download single YouTube videos. Some of these websites might offer some more advanced features such as downloading complete playlists. However, if you decide to download a dedicated software tool for converting YouTube videos to MP3, you might notice that there are many more features to choose from.
  • Free or paid – As all online services go, some YouTube to MP3 converters are free and you have to pay for others. The free ones usually support ads. Some of them do it excessively and some of them are so discreet that you won’t even notice ads. Paid tools usually provide many more features such as downloading YouTube videos in various resolutions, downloading all videos from a channel, etc.

As you can see from everything above, YouTube is a great source of music. You just need to do the extra mile and use one of the online tools to have a great source of music for every genre.