Facebook Video Downloader

The Facebook Video Downloader enables you to download Facebook videos to your device. Millions of videos are downloaded to Facebook every day. The number of those who want to download these videos to their smartphone / computer is increasing enormously. That is why this Facebook Video Downloader is very useful. You simply need the direct video url to a Facebook video that you want to download. Our system delivers the completed download url within 2 seconds. The quality of the video is identical to the original file that is on Facebook.

How do you use the Facebook Video Downloader

  • Watch a video on Facebook - if you like it, copy the video url
  • Paste the video url into the Facebook Video Downloader and click on Check
  • As soon as our system has found the download url, the download will be displayed
  • Right click on Download and select Load Linked File

Why you should use Facebook Video Downloader

  • Our system is very fast
  • You can watch the videos offline on your smartphone / computer
  • Facebook may delete the video. So you always have a backup
  • Facebook Video Downloader works on every device